AblePay Health offers CHOC Families payment options to fit their financial needs

At Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) we continually go the extra mile to further our mission to nurture, advance, and protect the health and well-being of children. We are committed to being a leading destination for children’s health by providing exceptional and innovative care.

While the clinical care and treatment of those in our community are paramount, we know our CHOC families financial wellness is also essential. With this in mind, we are happy to introduce AblePay Health to our patients.

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How AblePay benefits CHOC Families

AblePay is a NO-COST program that provides you flexible payment options (with savings or zero interest) on your out-of-pocket medical expenses (deductibles and coinsurance) while providing support if you have questions regarding a bill. You can also include anyone on your account you are willing to be financially responsible for, even if they have a different insurance plan!

AblePay works with any health insurance, so almost everyone is eligible to participate. AblePay is also a great option for uninsured families.

Savings- Flexible Payment Options – Convenience – Billing Support

Do not hesitate to enroll today and let AblePay Health work for you!

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How To Use

The first step is becoming a member. Enrolling is simple and takes less than five minutes. Just use any of the “Enroll” buttons on this page. Already a member? If so, there is no need to re-enroll. Your membership is intact.

Keep Your AblePay Card

Once enrolled, keep your AblePay card with your insurance information. AblePay will be added after insurance processing.

The provider will bill AblePay

After your service is complete and your primary insurance company processes your claim, the provider will bill AblePay. Your insurance carrier will still provide your Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

Email Notification

AblePay will send an email notifying you that your bill was received and to visit your member portal. Once notified, you will have five (5) days to decide if you would like to change your default payment term or the payment method. If no changes are made, we will use the payment term and method chosen during enrollment.

If you have additional CHOC services and you receive a CHOC statement, please contact CHOC Family Financial Resource Center at 714 509-8600 to add the account to your AblePay payment plan.

Show your card

We encourage members to show their AblePay card at all provider visits. Providers currently accepting AblePay can be found HERE.

AblePay Health saves you time and money!


As an AblePay member you can tailor your payment plan to meet your families financial needs and avoid costly credit card interest.


We understand that your financial needs may change and that they may change rapidly.


All of your bills are stored electronically in your member portal and are conveniently processed using the payment method(s) you’ve added to your account.

A payment type with an account and routing numbers, such as Checking or Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), get entered as “ACH.”

Anything that’s card-driven; Credit, Debit, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), will be entered as “Card.”

*AblePay does not maintain your financial information. 


We know that many people have questions and need help understanding their medical bills.

Our team is here to support our members when they have a question or issue with a bill, expediting the process of getting you answers.