We are the next generation of patient financial engagement programs.

Our program makes paying out-of-pocket medical expenses easy and convenient for patients. We remove providers from the payment process, reducing costs and enhancing revenues. AblePay is ultimately lowering the cost of healthcare while providing an enhanced patient experience!

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Providers seek options to improve revenue and patient satisfaction, while patients desire a more affordable, better billing experience.

Our program benefits both providers and patients.


Patient Affordability

We make care more Affordable by offering Savings for the patient, while increasing Revenue for providers.

Payment Experience

We provide a Simple payment platform for patients, resulting in a Better Experience. 

Patient Behavior

By giving patients Flexibility in choosing payment terms, they tend to receive Additional Services instead of avoiding care for out of financial fear.


We offer free Advocacy support services. This streamlines the billing questions and allows for Better Provider Staff Utilization.

How easy is it to implement AblePay into your health system?

Easily implement the program by adding AblePay as a secondary payer while maintaining all current processes
and vendors.


  1. Partnership
    AblePay contracts with provider compensating them at rates dramatically higher than the current average collection rate.
  2. Engage Patients
    Providers offer AblePay directly to their patients.
  3. Membership
    Patients become members and present cards at the time of service, and providers enter AblePay as a secondary payer into their system.
  4. Payment
    Providers receive a guaranteed, risk-free payment within two weeks of when a patient is billed.


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Healthcare can be costly
and confusing

About half of U.S. adults would be unable to pay an unexpected medical bill that came to $500 out of pocket.


of U.S. adults say they have difficulty affording health care costs.


worry about affording their deductible before health insurance kicks in.


of Americans currently owe debt to hospitals, credit cards, and relatives.


of Americans with medical bills had to lower their spending on food to avoid bankruptcy.


of all bankruptcies are due to medical bills.


of consumers are confused by their medical bills.


of Americans cannot define the top four insurance terms.


of health-insured consumers are concerned about financial hardship due to medical bills.

Patient benefits of AblePay Membership

  • Save up to 13% on out-of-pocket expenses
  • No interest charged
  • Flexible payment options to meet your financial needs
  • Billing advocates to answer questions and assist with bills
  • No-cost membership (no monthly or annual fees)
  • Works with any primary health insurance

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