Our program financially benefits
your providers and members,
which ultimately benefits you.

The cost of medical coverage continues to be a major expense for many Americans.

This can lead to avoidance of care or just questioning the justifiability of their health insurance and who provides the coverage. AblePay is changing patient payment behavior which benefits your members, employer clients, and your providers.

  • We are uniquely positioned to facilitate both the member and provider experience
  • Easy implementation for provider partners
  • Member-facing platform focused on simplicity
  • Savings and flexible payment terms on out-of-pocket medical expenses for members
  • Advocacy services to help members navigate the billing process
  • Dramatic increase in the patient experience for members
  • Program provides additional value to health insurance brokers and employer groups


We make it simple for your providers and members.

Enhanced Financials
  • Increased revenues for your providers
  • Guaranteed and quicker payments to providers
  • Members have access to savings/flexible payments
  • Revenue sharing and investment opportunities
Enhanced Relationships
  • Members self-select into our consumer-facing platform
  • AblePay members trust us to be their advocate
  • Easy implementation for your providers
  • Agent, broker, and employer relationships
Enhanced Member Experience and Satisfaction
  • 64% increase in satisfaction
  • 69 Net Promotor Score
  • Increased insurance literacy
  • An enhanced patient experience for your members
  • Member loyalty with payments made through payor