Our program provides a better patient experience and a healthier bottom line.

AblePay was not founded by a bank or tech company but by health system executives that recognized that there is a better way to increase revenues for providers.

  • AblePay assumes all risk on patient collections
  • Providers are paid the contracted rate within 14 business days
  • Absolutely no recourse
  • Providers are compensated at rates significantly higher than average collection rates
  • Reduced collection costs
  • Easy implementation, no extra integration needed!
  • Improved patient experience
  • Electronic billing: Claims are processed via 837 & 835 (secondary payer)

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We put your patients first while driving ROI for you.

No interest for patients
No impact on credit scores
Savings-friendly payment options
Co-branded marketing engagement program
No patients denied
Flexible payment terms
In-house billing advocates
Convenient member portal

We are evolving the patient payment model

Provider Perspective

A non-risk bearing solution that takes full responsibility for patient payment responsibility:

  • A guaranteed non-recourse payment to the provider at a discounted rate
  • Payment received within 14 business days of submitting a claim
  • Same-day integration
  • Complementary to existing patient payment platforms
  • The patient receives advocacy services to enable payment better
  • Improves patient satisfaction – 69 net promoter score (NPS)
  • Removes the cost to collect on patients

Patient Perspective

A no-cost program that provides savings, flexible payment options, and advocacy support to assist our members with out-of-pocket medical expenses.

  • Patient enrolls in AblePay for no cost
  • Zero Interest, Zero Fees, Zero Penalties
  • Eligible for 13% savings off medical bill
  • The patient has power to choose payment methods and terms
  • Advocacy services to assist patients in understanding the billing process
  • AblePay accepts all payment methods, including an HSA or FSA
  • Members can link anyone that they are willing to be financially responsible for to their AblePay Health account

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