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November 20, 2022

AblePay Health and SRHO – The National Association- Announce Strategic Partnership.

SRHO – The National Association is a consortium of Strategic Regional Healthcare Organizations established in 2017.

Bethlehem, Pa. November 20, 2020: SRHO – The National Association (“SRHO”) announced a strategic partnership to bring the AblePay model to their representative medical providers across the United States and ultimately benefiting healthcare consumers in the communities the providers serve.

SRHO is a consortium of Strategic Regional Healthcare Organizations established in 2017 with the goal of creating a national consortium to produce value among individual SRHOs that were previously not connected by providing one source of information and support to address their unique challenges.

AblePay Health’s current provider network includes 42 hospital campuses and over 1,100 specialty provider offices, covering 20 counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio.

Mark Tribbett, Chief Executive Officer at SRHO, said, “Our new partnership with AblePay Health creates an exciting and innovative opportunity for our health system members. We were intrigued by AblePay’s unique business model that allows medical providers to decrease costs and dramatically increase revenues while assisting healthcare consumers in diffusing rising out-of-pocket medical expenses. The program will not only financially benefit providers but will significantly change the patient experience. We’re thrilled to welcome AblePay Health to our consortium and are excited to see the impact that it makes for our Members, Hospitals, and their Patients.”

“We are excited to partner with SRHO,” said John Fistner, Founder and CEO. “Our cash flow model accelerates revenue and cuts costs associated with collecting out-of-pocket payments for medical providers, while completely changing the patient experience. SRHO’s relationship with their Members and Health Systems will allow us to scale quickly to more providers. This scale will result in faster adoption of our no-cost benefit for patients, employees, employers and individuals providing savings, payment flexibility, billing advocacy, and convenience for health-related expenses in the communities we serve.”


About SRHO – The National Association:

SRHO (, representing over 400 Hospitals and Health Care Systems, was created to assist regional SRHOs in the advancement of their common interests, to develop regional or national markets to create the scale required to achieve next-level strategic cost reductions, and to design the fundamental building blocks to manage risk and improve quality of care all while sustaining their organizational autonomy.

Founded in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 2016, AblePay Health ( offers a simple solution to the problem of increasing costs of healthcare in the United States. AblePay Health assists healthcare providers to reduce their reimbursement expenses and increase receivable times while sharing a portion of these savings with healthcare consumers. In turn, AblePay works with employers, health insurance brokers, and individuals by offering a no-cost benefit that provides savings, flexible payment terms, and convenience with a high level of support for its members. The business model works to the benefit of both providers and healthcare consumers, strengthening the relationship between both and benefitting the community as a whole.