Patients Do Not Have the Money

  • 69% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings and can’t afford an unexpected $500 expense*

  • 72% of patients do not pay within one month* and 75% of providers mail more than two statements**

  • On average, providers collect only 35¢ on every $1.

** Milliman Medical Index


The AblePay Solution


Get Paid Faster

You will no longer have to wait for patient payments!  AblePay  acts like a secondary payer, getting you paid faster though our electronic payment system, and reducing your open receivables.


No Recourse

There is no recourse.  AblePay has years of experience on the provider side in dealing with the administrative nightmare of recourse. With that in mind, we did not build a solution that included it.

Decrease Cost

AblePay will decrease your costs by eliminating paper statements and collection calls.  Your staff’s time and effort will be better served doing something other than tracking down patients!


Same Internal Process

AblePay allows your internal process to stay the same.  There is no need to remove your current collection partners.  AblePay is simply another tool in your toolbox.




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